Ticket Calculator

Ticket to Points Calculator

A quick and simple way to calculate the points your animal will earn from using ticket sets! You can even get a little advanced and calculate the points earned through multiple months, as well as the HPD cost.


To find the points earned using training tickets, input the number of sets you'll be using per month and hit Calculate!

Optional: You can input the number of tickets per set (default is 75). If calculating multiple months, input the number of months you plan to use ticket sets (default is 1 month). You can also input the price per ticket (default is 1 - "HP Free").

Number of sets:

Tickets per set:
Number of months:
Price per ticket:

Points to Ticket Calculator

A quick and simple way to calculate the sets of tickets your animal will need to achieve a certain number of points!


To find the tickets needed to achieve a point goal, input the points you'd like to earn and hit Calculate!

Points wanted: