The Help Mango


This is a site filled with odds and ends for players on Horse Phenomena! I'm Mango, and I've been coding for around 13 years. I've been playing SIM games for over 15 and have been a part of the Horse Phenomena community for the past 6. In late 2018, I decided that I'd like to host a site to help players out! Included are useful calculators and tools, with training guides and more on the way!

Raffle Picker

Hosting a raffle and need a way to pick the winning ticket? Use this tool! Just enter the first and last ticket number! Check it out [ here ].

Bingo Caller

Bingo hosts! No need to hunt down that list of numbers and a reliable shuffling webiste anymore. This tool [ here ] uses the list that matches HP's bingo cards and even offers a way to check off the numbers as you call them!

Ticket Calculator

There's a lot of numbers to keep in mind when dealing with training tickets. This calculator will take all those numbers and do that math for you, telling you how much it will cost and how many points your animal will earn. You can also input your point goal and calculate the number of tickets needed to achieve it. Give it a try [ here ].

The Baby Calculator

I created The Baby Calculator to help predict the points your baby will be born with. If you enter the exact points from both parents at the time of breeding, you'll receive the exact points of the baby, including awards given right after birth. You can also use the calculator to estimate the points the baby will be born with by entering the point goals of the parents. Check it out [ here ].

Private Show Points Calculator

This calculator will give you an average estimate for the number of points your animal will earn weekly and over its lifetime when entered in private shows. You can even include deages to get a more accurate lifetime average! Check it out [ here ].